Unreasonable persistance in creating success...

When i look back at my experience in founding, growing and exiting BuzzNumbers - i feel amazed at how persistent i was. So many times the company nearly died (in my eyes). So many times i felt overwhelmed. So many times i came home and flopped on the bed and felt hopeless. But every day i got up with an unreasonable level of persistence and went on with it and every time we overcame our challenges and eventually went on to win. There is so much uncertainty in early stage companies, and this makes it really easy to doubt yourself. But you need to be a little more philosophical about what you are doing and embrace the uncertainty at hand and not let it impact you emotionally. There are so many things that can kill your early stage company and so many reasons that what you are doing will not work. Your role as a successful entrepreneur is to systematically put down the things that will otherwise kill you and find ways to make it work. You need to trust that the walls in front of you that might stop your business are not there to actually stop you personally, but to keep everyone else out once you jump that wall. Each hurdle you jump creates more distance between you and your potential competitors and will in fact create value for your company. You need to believe that solving these really hard problems is in fact the only way you will succeed. The best story i have heard around how persistence creates success is in the story of Evan Williams at I see so many would be startup people jumping from idea to idea - every time we meet they have a new and amazing idea. But the real success comes from entrepreneurs who work hard for years on end to solve a hard problem to solve. The poster child of success in the Australian tech community is Dean McEvoy who built and sold Spreets for $40M after running the company for only 10 months. The real story is Dean started a restaurant booking website 10+ years ago and it actually took years of persistance to crystalise this so called rapid success.

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